GKB Cattle is proud to announce the addition a new Brangus herd to our pastures. Please let us know if you have any questions about our Brangus cattle.

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Brangus Sires

DDD One Source 103A4

Registration Number: R10242621 – View EPD’s
Date of Birth: April 2, 2013
Owned with: Doguet Diamond D Ranch

R655637 [392F10] KO OF BRINKS 392F10
R10187765 [804X37] DDD UPPERCUTS LEGACY 804X37
  R594084 [14D3] MS BBCC BIG EASY 14D3
R661030 [820/F6] WB MR TOUCHSTONE 820F6
 R722188 [804H33] SG FANCY 804H33
R641128 [804D56] WB MS 801A15-804D56

DDD Dozer 804D8

Registration Number: R10327449 – View EPD’s
Date of Birth: January 17, 2016
Owned with: Doguet’s Diamond D Ranch

R10083410 [784T6] HANNIBAL OF BRINKS 784T6
R10194069 [99W11] 101 RANGER 99W11
  R10165474 [99S2] 101 MS TRACKER 99S2
R10048645 [88S3] DOGUETS HERCULES 88S3
R10213832 [804Y61] DDD MS BARBARA 804Y61
  R722188 [804H33] SG FANCY 804H33

Brangus Donors


Registration Number: RR10330287 – View EPD’s
Date of Birth: March 2, 2016
Owned with: Wolf Point Ranch and Southern Jewel

RR10058451 [112S] TRIO’S SEQUOIA 112S
RR10191913 [175Y] TRIO’S YUCATAN 175Y
RR122851 [175/4] III MISS FANCY 175/4
RR603460 [090N] SUREWAY’S TALENT 090N
 RR10118112 [004U] MS FAGANS SUREWAYS T 004U
R10048927 [004R] SUREWAYS MS GENESIS 004R

DDD Silver Lining 804A63

Registration Number: R10280351 – View EPD’s
Date of Birth: November 12, 2013

R10122023 [9U8U5] CRC GUARDIAN 9U8U5
R10204701 [416Y14] SUHN’S AUGUSTUS 416Y14
   R10161253 [416W30] SUHN’S MS NEXT STEP 416W30
 R10048645 [88S3] DOGUETS HERCULES 88S3
 R10148285 [804W2] DDD MS KESLEY 804W2
   R722188 [804H33] SG FANCY 804H33

JCC Miss Shania 1252B7

Registration Number: R10291931 – View EPD’s
Date of Birth: October 01, 2014

 R700597 [789G5] BRIGHT SIDE OF BRINKS 789G5
 R815045 [607L11] BRINKS BRIGHT SIDE 607L11
   R715358 [607H10] MISS BRINKS BIG EASY 607H10
 R706769 [833/G2] SG MR TARGET 833G2
 R815783 [1252M] SG SHANEL 1252M
   R722241 [1252/H] SG ADELE 1252H