DDD Ms Chariti 88Z10

The 88 COW FAMILY here at GKB is centered around one of the most dominant show heifers to every enter the ring. 88Z10 is a female who flawlessly combines power and production in a refined feminized package will no doubt make an impact on the breed for years to come. The 88 cow family has been one of the anchor cow families within the Doguet program since Doguet’s Hercules 88S3 came on the scene as an International Grand Champion in 2009. Additionally the Masterplan daughter offers a unique pedigree that is sought after from Brangus breeders worldwide.

R10048645 [88S3] DOGUETS HERCULES 88S3
Sire: R10158263 [1019W10] DDD MASTERPLAN 1019W10
AX10012057 [1019R6] DDD MS CALLIE 1019R6
R10004209 [30R4] CSONKA OF BRINKS 30R4
Dam: R10099535 [88T18] DDD MS CHARITY 88T18
R768964 [88K] MS WR FREDA 88K
Registration # R10220982 (View EPDs)
Date of Birth May 3, 2012