Herd Sires

GKB Sires: Functional Sires with Showring Style

Here at GKB, two things never go out of style: PERFORMANCE & DESIGN.

It’s the foundation on which we build every day at the ranch, and it’s our focus on cow families. Cow families are the heart of all great GKB sires. Like Gary always says, “Behind every great bull, you’ll find an even better mama cow.”


Hereford Semen Sales & AI Certs: Click on the sire’s image or name below to view all semen & AI certificate contact information. For any questions please email us at gary@gkbcattle.com

Brangus Semen Sales Contact: Hi Point Marketing, Garrett Thomas: 936-714-4591

Brahman Semen Sales Contact: V8 Ranch, Office Number: 979-533-2056

Please note, semen prices are subject to change at any time, based on current inventory, availability or errors.

Horned Herefords

BR ER Big Country 007 ET

Reg# 44188539


Reg# 43940699

GKB 5004 Stone Cold 7006 ET

Reg# 43828793

GKB 88X Laramie B293

Reg# 43370224

BR Stetson 4084 ET

Reg# 43529342

RJ GKB Integrity 5004 ET

Reg# 43561478

NJW 98S R117 Ribeye 88X ET

Reg# 43094146

BAR S LHF 028 240

Reg# 43287538

GKB Downtown B627 ET

Reg# 42722208

C Special Edition 6105 ET

Reg# 43672913

JCS Royal Blend 7210 ET

Reg# 43823918

IMR 955W Domino 1094Y

Reg# 43195902

TKC Cascade 8048 ET

Reg# 43961078

CSF RAMSEY Crossfit 4892 ET

Reg# 43605389

Polled Herefords

C GKB Guardian 1015 ET

Reg# 44257548

T/R GKB AC Red Kingdom J16

Reg# 44282636

BR GKB Trending 0104

Reg# 44134955

CHAC Mason 2214

Reg# 43303660

GREEN JCS Makers Mark 229G ET

Reg# 44042074

BOYD 5301 Engineer 8126

Reg# 43992173


Reg# 43237033

DM BR L1 Domino 146

Reg# 42206523

Black Brangus

DDD Tank 468E

Reg# 10362882

ACC Fearless 674F3

Reg# 10404489

DDD One Source 103A4

Reg# 10242621

Red Brangus


Reg# 10408194

Red Angus

RED SSS Grit 503F

Reg# CAA 2056218

RED SSS Tyson 426F

Reg# CAA 2056188


MR. V8 322/8

Reg# 976451

MR. V8 562/8

Reg# 998149

MR. V8 891/8

Reg# 1015421