GKB-Gate Thank you for taking time to evaluate our genetics. We strive to keep the commercial cattlemen in mind as we develop our genetics and our commercial bull program.

Today’s modern genetics allows for the increased pounds and gain ability in the calf crop. As one knows we must always remember and not lose sight of the fact that cattle are still sold by the pound and extra pounds equals more profit throughout the production phase.

Soundness and structure must also be a priority in all the same phases of the livestock business whether it be for commercial or purebred breeders. The cattle must get out and cover the country and be able to maintain soundness and productivity!

We raise sound practical Hereford and Brangus cattle that work for all segments of our industry. Our cattle are developed in the Texas environment of extremes…from very dry to wet to sometimes extreme Cold or hot weather. Not to mention some years grazing on lush grass to utilizing Milo stalks the next year for forage; thus, the GKB cattle have to be adaptable to different extremes.

Brangus BullWe also keep in mind the Importance of EPD’s as we are putting together our genetic mattings. We feel it is important to keep the EPD”s balanced for both the commercial breeder as well as the registered breeder.

No matter the conditions you put GKB’s Brangus or Hereford genetics into, these cattle are bred to succeed. When making breeding decisions, we select for both genotype and phenotype – always with the customer in mind.

Our cattle “balance up” in terms of productivity, soundness, fertility, pounds per day of age and eye appeal. Whether you’re a commercial cattlemen or breeding for the showring, GKB bred animals will excel.

Every day, the crew at GKB Cattle is working to make the next year’s calf crop better than the last. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us with questions you might have. For more information on our current sale offering, please visit our sales page or check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Also, we have always welcomed folks to come and view our cattle operation. It would be our pleasure to take you on a personal tour of our ranch and to talk about the benefits of using Hereford & Brangus Cattle. Our gate opens Monday through Saturday from 8:00am to 6:00pm, please Contact Us to schedule your visit to GKB Cattle. We are located just an hour from Dallas, Fort Worth or Waco, Texas.