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Jan. 8: A Night At Remington Park – LOT 33 | Jan. 8: Embryos on Snow – LOT 69 A&B

Jan. 8: Hereford Eve in OKC – LOT 5 A&B | Jan. 9: Hereford Night in OKC – LOT 13

Jan. 12: The Exclusive Sale – LOT 15

2020 Hereford Showcase

Results from the 2020 Hereford Showcase are now posted! View the Champions & Junior pages to see how we did in Abilene this year. The Annual Hereford Showcase is a great Hereford event showcasing some of the best Hereford cattle in the nation, it was pleasure to be a part of a great show in Abilene.


Family roots run deep at GKB Cattle in Waxahachie, Texas. Everyone is treated like family…



Females are the foundation of our operations, building around cow families is what gives our program longevity…


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Our sires are solid from the ground up and each one is backed by time tested cow families…



Integrity. Honesty. Quality. 

When Gary and Kathy Buchholz formed GKB Cattle, these principles were the guiding force in all aspects of their business from the customer service, to the cattle produced, to the experience for each and every cattleman and youth who entrusted them with their genetics.

Knowing their priorities from the start.

From the start, Gary and Kathy have placed a top priority on producing useful, real-world genetics that will be successful for junior show heifers, as well as commercial operations. And above all?  Weaving integrity throughout the entire process. Regardless of the breed and growth of the operation, those main goals remain.

Today, GKB Cattle has grown to include over 2,000 head of Hereford, Angus, Brangus, and Brahman Cattle.

Leaving a legacy.

Gary and Kathy’s greatest joys in life come from seeing the youth of the cattle industry thrive and grow – wherever their careers may take them.

“We hope, as our legacy, we are known for helping young people and giving them the opportunity to move forward,” Gary says. “The youth are our future, and we enjoy helping them.”

Gary and Kathy also take great pride in showing the GKB operation to visitors from across the country and around the world.

“We enjoy taking customers and visitors around GKB – it feels good that other breeders want to see our cattle in the pastures, and when they want to see how we manage the pastures and the land,” Kathy says.

When it’s all said and done, Gary and Kathy hope to be remembered for their eye for cattle, for their integrity, and for GKB leaving their mark on the beef industry.

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